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JW Consulting and Advisory is a culmination of necessary aspects of business growth.  When starting a business there are basic needs that are necessary for success. A solid  administration, professional & legal set up of your entity, business plans & accounting coordination, professional online presence & search engine optimizations - these are all very complex yet necessary for success in this day and age. Sign up today for BizWiz or get custom quotes for specific needs. JWCAA offers Web Design, Logo Design, Marketing, Business Admin, Consulting and much more!   

Business Structure & Planning

You can't run before you crawl. Like anything worthwhile, you'll need a solid plan and structure before taking off. Once the foundation is mapped out you can move on to creating your entity however best suits your needs. Having a well thought out business plan before jumping in is the key to success. Let JWCA work with you to create that structure.

Entity Creation

LLP? LLC? INC? FEIN? 1099? huh? JWCA can help you decide what options are best for you and your business. The wrong set up can really hurt the future of your company in multiple ways. Let JWCA take the wheel and get you in business!!

Accounting & Book Keeping

Not sure how you're going to recieve payments? Haven't set up business banking?? Need affordable accounting software & credit card procssing? Don't know where to even start? Let JWCA guide you, teach you, and help you sustain organization with your company's finacing.

Business Administration

Do you have the skills for the core of your business yet none of the knowledge of how to run it or even time to set anything up? Are you busy with work but unable to get your administrative side of things organzied or not sure how to go about it? .

Our goal here at JWCA is to get you up and running, and teach you how to stay on top of your business. Knowledge is power, and without it, you'll fail.

Branding & Graphic Arts

Do you need direction branding your products or services? Haven't figured out a logo design or identity for your business? With over 14 years of experience in graphic arts media, JWCA can help you rebrand your current company, or create a brand for your start-up.

Consulting Contracts

Too busy to do any of the above? Or maybe you need several hours weekly to handle your finances or building and maintaining a complex website? Custom consulting contracts are avaiable by request. Let JWCA go over what we can bring to the table, with on-call services and designated office hours that can be tailored to your business needs.



Have you ever gone to a website that had missing and broken components? What did you think when those components fail? Its very common for small business websites to work improperly when they are outdated and unmanaged.  Don’t be that guy with a bunch of typos, broken links, and missing images.. Let JWCAA take the wheel and help legitimise your business with a solid online presence... JWCAA offers a full service web design & domain registration & hosting on our private servers.

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Lets be honest, Google is the most commonly used search engine in THE WORLD!! Bing is a close 2nd. Which is why its extremely valuable to small business. Let us help you get on Google, boost your ratings and be seen. What good is having an AMAZING website with no traffic? Want to be on the 1st page of searches - Find out how JW Consulting & Advisory can help !

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With top of the line quality available, we can now offer Promotional Products, Business Cards, All types of Signage,  Vehicle Wraps, Embroidery, Screen Printing.. Truly anything can be customized to fit your needs!

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Creating something from nothing is not easy! JWCAA has created hundreds of Identities for businesses, schools, artists & more. Branding and Logo Design packages are available on our BizWiz Page.

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